Becoming a Better Programmer

Pete Goodliffe

You care about code. You're passionate about programming. You’re the kind of developer who likes to craft truly great software. And you want to do it even better. This book is for you.

It’s a catalogue of useful techniques and approaches to the art and craft of programming that will help you become better.


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What’s covered?

The topics covered in this book cover the whole gamut of the software developer’s life:

■ Code-level concerns that affect how you write individual lines of code, as well as how you design your software modules.

■ Practical techniques that will help you to work better.

■ Illustrations of the correct attitudes and approaches to adopt that will help you become both super-effective and well-grounded.

■ Procedural and organisational tricks and tips that will help you flourish whilst you are incarcerated in the software factory.

There’s no particular language or industry bias here.

Who's it for?

If you're a software developer then this book is for you. Whether you have six months or six years of experience, you'll be encouraged to improve your skills.

What you get

is available as a beautiful PDF (for viewing on your computer), an elegant ePub (for iBooks, and many other e-readers) and mobi (for viewing on your Kindle).

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Becoming a Better Programmer